The Masters Playground

    The Masters Playground is a weekly radio show that embraces the illumination of our Spiritual era while playing with a variety of tools of the Divine.

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    Triple Goddess Pro Spiritual Services

    Triple Goddess Pro is a Los Angeles based Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Union company focused upon empowering the collective consciousness with embracing their Divine self. We specialize in Kabbalah Tarot, Shamanism, Sound and Mantra Healing, Spiritual Unions, Kundalini Yoga and much more.

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    The Magi SoundScopes

    Tune in every week as we journey into forecasting we have never seen or heard before!

    Chrissie produces weekly Astrology, Numerology and Sound Forecasts called, “The Magi SoundScopes”, a unique audio and visual experience that has her Shamanically channeling and composing music using planetary frequencies based upon the major aspects of any given week.

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    A Beacon of Light for our Aquarian Times!

    Chrissie Stereo is Agent 365 for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency!

    A Master in the healing arts, Chrissie Stereo – Agent 325 is part of an exclusive network of Light Workers here to illuminate the collective consciousness.

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    What others say about Chrissie Stereo

    CHRISSIE STEREO has fine tuned her talents and is now taking the next step to becoming a powerhouse.

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